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Women in E-Entrepreneurship

Maleehah Gull

370 pages
Arcler Education Inc
With the passage of time, the use of technology has blessed mankind with countless benefits. It has brought benefits to all gender, races and ethnics. The boundaries of time and resources constraints are almost vanished. The time has come when an individual does not have to worry about starting his or her own venture without getting worried about the resources. Globalization on the other hand, has come up with huge ben¬efits to humankind and has made the whole world a global village.Traditional means of trade are becoming old stories now as “E” has taken over the space in almost every field of life. Entrepreneurship, back in the days was thought of being into masses of responsibility spending heavy capital and resources while having plenty of work force to get the complete cycle of trade done. The concept of E-entrepreneurship has changed the phenomena of trade for a common person who only have access to few or little resources. Particularly less advantageous groups like women and minorities are the people who got their skills and talent wasted just because of constraints of resources and a proper platform. Almost half of the population around the globe are women and if we ignore such a huge part of global human resource, the world would dissipate such valuable human capital. For this reason, women’ contribution from the old ages has been brought major influences in all fields of life. Moreover, E-entrepreneurship is a bur¬geoning concept which is delivering its profits all around the world and particularly generated numerous ways for women to pursue their dreams and utilize their skills in an efficient manner. Regardless of general and gender specific constraints, E-entrepreneurship has brought tremendous benefits to women in developing countries. Even the women in rural areas are now becoming aware to about the use of technology and present their skills to the world.This book presents the strength of the E-entrepreneurship which has specially made the women influential in the current technological advanced era. In current era, there is immense need of human capital. Women make the world’s half human capital and their skills and strengths should be utilized to make the global economy stable. This book has considered different aspects of e-entrepreneurship as the strengths, its overall influ¬ence, people’s perception and the challenges along the way. This book contains the fundamentals, advancements, global perspectives, women trends, country wise distribution, motivational factors needed in e-entre¬preneurship and the strengths it served to women.
Author Bio
Maleehah Gull obtained her Masters in Business Administration in Management Information System and Master of Science Degree in Project Management from University of Malaya. She served as lecturer for two years and Currently, pursuing her PhD in Management Science from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.