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A Beginner's Guide to Goodbye

Melanie Mosher

184 pages
Nimbus Publishing

Every summer, Laney's family visits their cottage on Tidnish Beach. Summertime on Nova Scotia's north shore is slow and sweet: there are long days in the water until fingers turn pruney, bottomless glasses of cherry Kool-Aid, and bonfires with the other families summering along the shore. But this year the baking heat and bright red sand provide cold comfort. This year Laney's little sister, Jenny, is gone.

Ten-year-old Laney grapples with the loss. She carries immense, secret guilt that she can only work out by writing letters to her sister. Laney's mother won't even say Jenny's name, so writing quickly becomes Laney's coping mechanism, to the detriment of her social skills. She avoids the other kids until she makes a new friend—one who doesn't look at her with pity.

It's a tough lesson for a preteen, but Laney must learn to acknowledge her grief in order to overcome it. When a situation arises and Laney needs to help her new friend, she finally understands that even though she will miss Jenny forever, she can find happiness again. A tender meditation on life and loss through the lens of a childhood summer, A Beginner's Guide to Goodbye will fill readers with warmth and spark important conversations.

Author Bio
Melanie Mosher lives and writes on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia. As a young girl, she spent her summers swimming and searching for treasures along the Northumberland Strait. She still spends her free time on the beach looking for sea glass. Both her previous books, Fire Pie Trout and Goth Girl, made their way to the Canadian Children's Book Centre's recommended books list. Visit melaniemosher.com.