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Secrets of Sable Island

Marcia Pierce Harding

216 pages
Nimbus Publishing

After a vicious storm aboard ship, fourteen-year-old Caleb is tossed into the Atlantic Ocean. Frightened and alone, he finds himself nudged awake. He's been recovered by one of Sable Island's legendary wild stallions and is given shelter by a mysterious stranger, Norse, who is secretly living on the island. As Caleb recovers and gets to know his strange rescuer, learning the art of scrimshaw, storytelling, and survival, he wonders how he'll manage to remain on the island he's come to love. When he befriends the ghostly girl who rides bareback over the dunes, he knows he must do whatever he can to save her, and himself.

A heartwarming and captivating adventure set on the infamous isolated sandbar that has captivated so many, and featuring original illustrations, Secrets of Sable Island will leave young readers spellbound.

Author Bio
Marcia Pierce Harding grew up in a fishing village and always loved the sea. As an adult, she visited the sandy shores of Sable Island, and imagining what life would have been like on the isolated island inspired her to write Secrets of Sable Island. A retired grade three teacher of thirty-three years, Marcia enjoys sitting around a campfire with family and friends on a starry night. Secrets of Sable Island is her first book