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Joshua Slocum

The Captain who Sailed Around the World

Quentin Casey

128 pages
Nimbus Publishing

The newest title in the Stories of our Past series tells the tale of the Brier Island boy who went to sea at sixteen and never looked back. The first person to circumnavigate the globe alone, Captain Joshua Slocum has remained a nautical icon since the publication of Sailing Alone Around the World in 1900.

In Joshua Slocum, journalist Quentin Casey takes readers from the treasured sea captain's humble upbringing on Westport, Brier Island, through his lifelong quest for adventure on the sea. Follow Slocum's career from ordinary seaman to master of celestial navigation, and experience a rare look into his personal life, trouble on and off the sea, and his mysterious disappearance. Includes sidebar features on little-known Slocum facts and over 60 images, including photographs, maps, and illustrations.

Author Bio
Quentin Casey is a journalist who holds a master's degree in Maritime history from Dalhousie University. His writing appears regularly in the Financial Post, Progress magazine, Saltscapes, and the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal. An avid sailor, he has also authored Joshua Slocum: The Captain Who Sailed Around the World.