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Sinking Deeper

Or, My Questionable(Possibly Heroic) Decision to Invent a Sea Monster

Steve Vernon

168 pages
Nimbus Publishing

The tiny fishing community of Deeper Harbour is in serious trouble, and so is fourteen-year-old Roland MacTavish. His parents are separated, and his mother has just told him that she's moving to Ottawa and taking him with her. She doesn't think Deeper Harbour, with its closing school and dismal economic future, has anything to offer her and Roland anymore. But Roland disagrees. He loves his father, his weird friend Dulsie, and most of all, his wild, hilarious, unpredictable grandfather, Angus. So with the help of his friends, he does what any rational teenager would do: he invents a sea monster.

News of the monster spreads, until real live tourists start to turn off the new highway and visit Deeper Harbour, giving everyone hope that the town may actually be resuscitated. But before he can celebrate his successes, Roland faces a sadness that goes far beyond separated parents and new cities, and finally discovers that change, however frightening, is not the most painful thing in the world.

Author Bio
Steve Vernon is one of Canada's premier storytellers. He has published numerous books and short stories for kids and adults including Maritime Murder, Halifax Haunts, and The Lunenburg Werewolf and Other Stories from the Supernatural. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.