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The Christianization of Scandinavia in the Viking Era

Religious Change in Adam of Bremen's Historical Work

Lukas G. Grzybowski

168 pages
Amsterdam University Press

This book discusses Adam of Bremen's perceptions and interpretation of the Christianization of Scandinavia in the Early Middle Ages. The views the chronicler presents in the Gesta Hammaburgensis constitute the central element of this analysis. By departing from the historiography—both the older view of the Gesta as trustworthy, and the recent view of the work as unreliable and biased—this book focuses instead on the Christianization of Scandinavia as an authorial concept. What follows is a reevaluation of the Gesta’s significance both to its medieval audience and the modern historian.

Author Bio
Lukas G. Grzybowski =================== Lukas G. Grzybowski obtained his doctorate at the Universität Hamburg, conducted research projects in São Paulo and Londrina, in Brazil, and is the founder and coordinator of the Leituras da Escandinávia Medieval international research group. He is Professor of Medieval History at the Universidade Estadual de Londrina in Brazil.