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Super Stories of Heroes & Villains

Claude Lalumiere

384 pages
Tachyon Publications Llc
George R. R. Martin’s Wild Cards rampage through unrecorded history! Mike Mignola’s Hellboy battles the fiendish Nuckelavee! Can Camille Alexa’s Pinktastic prevent the end of the world? Will Jonathan Lethem’s Dystopianist cause the end of the world?

In these pages, you’ll find the exploits, machinations, and epic mêlées of these superpowered aliens, undead crusaders, costumed crime fighters, unholy cabals, Amazon warriors, demon hunters, cyberpunk luchadores, nefarious megalomaniacs, daredevil sidekicks, atavistic avatars, adventuring aviators, gunslinging outlaws, love-struck adversaries, and supernatural detectives.

In these twenty-eight astounding Super Stories, join larger-than-life heroes and villains in the never-ending battle of good versus evil!
Author Bio
Claude Lalumière is the author of The Door to Lost Pages and Objects of Worship and has edited ten anthologies, including Lust for Life, Tesseracts Twelve, and Witpunk. He is the co-creator of Lost Myths, an online archive of cryptomythology.