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Oak Island Revenge

A Jonah Morgan Mystery

Cynthia D'Entremont

208 pages
Nimbus Publishing

Jonah is fourteen and lives on the Western Shore of Nova Scotia in 1958. He and his best friend, Beaz, have figured out a way to get to the forbidden Oak Island to seek treasure. They find a gold locket down one of the treasure shafts and can’t believe their luck—until they realize that the locket is not pirate’s booty but possibly evidence in a current murder investigation, one which Jonah already knows more about than he can handle. Beaz is in danger from his abusive mother if she finds out he’s gone to Oak Island, so Jonah keeps the secret even though there is a killer at large in his small community.

Oak Island Revenge is a coming-of-age story, with much higher stakes than most teenagers have to contend with.

Author Bio
Cynthia D'Entremont is the author of Unlocked. She has won both the Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Award and a Nova Scotia Talent Trust Scholarship in Literary Arts. She lives in Lakeview, Nova Scotia.