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King Alfred?s Old English Version of St. Augustine?s Soliloquies Turned into Modern English

Bishop of Hippo Saint Augustine

Library of Alexandria
Since the publication of my King Alfred’s Old English Version of St. Augustine’s Soliloquies, which appeared in 1902, I have been at work on this translation. With the faith that the unique importance of the work justifies its being given this form for the benefit of the general reader, and with the encouragement from scholars that my rendering will be received in the kindly spirit which characterized the reception of my former edition, I now venture this publication. For those who care to use the two editions together it will be seen (1) that the Alfredian additions to the Latin are set in italics; and (2) that the numbers at the top of each page refer to the page and line of the corresponding text of the Old English. I must add that Professor Albert S. Cook has been my counsellor and critic throughout the work. Henry Lee Hargrove