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Dialstone Lane, Complete

Library of Alexandria
Mr. Edward Tredgold sat in the private office of Tredgold and Son, land and estate agents, gazing through the prim wire blinds at the peaceful High Street of Binchester. Tredgold senior, who believed in work for the young, had left early. Tredgold junior, glad at an opportunity of sharing his father’s views, had passed most of the work on to a clerk who had arrived in the world exactly three weeks after himself. Binchester gets duller and duller, said Mr. Tredgold to himself, wearily. Two skittish octogenarians, one gloomy baby, one gloomier nursemaid, and three dogs in the last five minutes. If it wasn't for the dogs—Halloa! He put down his pen and, rising, looked over the top of the blind at a girl who was glancing from side to side of the road as though in search of an address. A visitor, continued Mr. Tredgold, critically. Girls like that only visit Binchester, and then take the first train back, never to return