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Fugue For The Right Hand

290 pages
Harvard Square Editions
Part political fable Part a tale of losses and unexpected gains Fugue for the Right Hand tells a story of hope and hard-won redemption in a fast-paced fugue. The time: the presidential campaign in the Fall of 2012. The place: Manhattan Upper West Side. The characters: a bum who sleeps on a Riverside Park bench a woman who teaches economics at Barnard College her boyfriend her father and a little girl who lives in Brooklyn and plays the piano. Chance makes their lives intersect over a one-year period shuffles all the cards and deals a new hand.
With the presidential campaign and Hurricane Sandy as backdrops Myers deftly raises the question of economic inequalities. With skill and expertise she creates believable characters whose struggles could be our own. This fast-paced novella will keep you turning pages until the end.