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To Each is Given

Spiritual Gifts in the Life of the Church

Timothy Clothier

193 pages
BMH Books

God has both called and gifted the body of Christ to build up one another. Pastor Timothy Clothier believes that all spiritual gifts have been given for that very purpose and that all the gifts outlined in the Scriptures are for today. “To ignore certain gifts, even because someone else has abused them, is to truncate what God intends to develop,” he says.

In "To Each is Given: Spiritual Gifts in the Life of the Church," Clothier offers a new line of argumentation for the “continuationist” position on spiritual gifts. In doing so he seeks to define signs and wonders and spiritual gifts, carefully considering how they relate to one another, and whether each is for the church today.

Author Bio
Timothy Clothier is pastor of Grace Church in Waynesboro, Pa. He is a graduate of Grace College and Grace Theological Seminary. He and his college sweetheart Carrie have four children. Allegra, Adelaide, Toban, and Tucker. Their family loves being active, outside, and enjoying what God has created.