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Beyond the Edge of the Water

Reclaiming Biblical Discipleship for a Rising Generation

Steven M. Kozak

160 pages
BMH Books

It seems that today's world is sending the church down a slippery slope, dangerously impacting the approach of making of disciples. Far too many ministries focus on numbers, finances, and overall popularity. Nowhere is this more evident than with our youth. Our increasingly post-Christian culture needs a reset and reminder of Jesus' picture of discipleship.

"Beyond the Edge of the Water" brings readers back to the biblical model of discipleship. Steven Kozak paints a vivid picture of the current cultural context and why efforts to make disciples is largely failing. Then he takes the reader through various passages in Scripture and brings to light aspects of following Jesus that have been neglected or forgotten.

Through real-life examples and his own story, Kozak shows that Jesus' model is not only doable but necessary in the twenty-first century western world.

Author Bio

Steven Kozak has been a passionate and gifted teacher and communicator for more than a decade. His passion is to help students embrace the challenges of following Jesus, understand the logical reasons for believing in Jesus, and confidently see life through the biblical framework.

After graduating from Michigan State University and spending several years in the business world, God called Steven into full-time ministry. He has served with CE National and Awana Youth Ministries and has taught theology and apologetics at Maranatha High School, Pasadena, Calif. and at Oakland Christian School, Auburn Hills Mich., where he also chaired the Bible department and served as was director of spiritual life.

Steven holds a Masters of Theology from Moody Theological Seminary and a Masters of Arts in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. In addition to the high school classroom, Steven has taught at Grace College in Detroit, Detroit Bible Institute, debated atheists on the issue of God's existence, and has served as an interim teaching pastor.

Steven's passion is that every high school student should walk across the stage at graduation, confident in what they believe and why. They should have the confidence to face challenges and questions head-on so that they can confidently proclaim the name of Jesus in whatever context God calls them to.