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City for City

City College Architectural Center: 1995-2015

Lance Jay Brown Achva Benzinberg Stein

240 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
City for City presents examples of the work of the City College Architectural Center over the past fifteen years. The projects selected are grouped under the categories of exhibitions, visioning exercises, planning and urban design studies and also include a few examples of assignments for implementation. The work was developed at the request of the affected communities and undertaken with their full participation. The projects were financed in various ways, from pro-bono studies to grant-supported efforts. These grants and the special support from state and municipal entities enable the center to develop the projects in greater depth. City for City illustrates the value of cooperative community-based work in which both sides learn and share in the experience. Such interactions offer valuable insights for both students and faculty not normally found in traditional architectural practices.