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Revision Notes for the MRCS Viva

Kanchana Sundaramurthy

208 pages
Jp Medical

Speed and accuracy are the two most important qualities that candidates for the MRCS Viva are expected to demonstrate. Revision Notes for the MRCS Viva has been written to prepare candidates for this most daunting of exams.

The book provides a comprehensive exam preparation tool for intercollegiate MRCS oral examinations. It is organised into two sections, the first devoted to chapters on basic sciences, the second to system specific surgery. Each chapter is broken down into topics most likely to appear in current examinations. For each topic, succinct notes provide candidates with a framework for answering the stem and secondary questions encountered in the exam.

Author Bio

Kanchana Sundaramurthy MBBS DNB (Surg) MRCSE
Trust Senior House Officer, General Surgery, Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales