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Investigation Greed

202 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

They wanted to make some easy cash. Now they'll pay the ultimate price.

A vigilante serial killer carries out mass punishments in this pulse-pounding thriller about greed and revenge - the third book in the Frank Tower Mystery Series.

The instructions in the text message are simple: come to Stilton Bay Park, and you'll be rewarded with some easy cash. But when twenty randomly selected people arrive at the location, there's no money in sight-until they find a dead man, his clothes stuffed with thousands' worth of cash.

When they take the money, they have no idea they're playing right into the hands of a ruthless serial killer.

When the people who took the money start to get sick, they pay the ultimate price for their greed - with their lives.

It is clear that this "prankster" means business and it's up to Frank to track down the killer before they cause any more damage-but when another mass text is sent out, it's clear that they won't stop until they punish the entire city for their greed.


What readers are saying:

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????? "[Taylor is] ...an author with a clever, creative mind."
????? ...complex plot, well drawn characters and non-stop action..."

Author Bio
Mel Taylor was born and raised in Chicago, graduated from Southern Illinois University and started a broadcast career in Des Moines, Iowa. Mel left the Midwest after two years and continued his journey as a reporter in Miami, Florida.Mel has reported on and witnessed history unfolding in South Florida, from major trials to the brutality of the Cocaine Cowboys, and at times, powerful hurricanes. Mel's time on television earned him an Emmy Award. He then took all his experiences to craft mystery novels and thrillers, all based in South Florida. Mel's Private Investigator series, featuring Frank Tower, blends the colorful beauty of the Atlantic with the exotic and natural growth of the Florida Everglades.