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The Book That Inspired the Movie Kiss the Future

384 pages
Schaffner Press Inc
Now the basis for the major documentary film, Kiss the Future.

This "extraordinary human story" (Irish Times) is Bill Carter's deeply personal memoir of his experience in the war-torn city of Sarajevo. In 1991, the 26-year-old Carter joined up with a maverick aid organization to deliver food to orphanages across the city while dressed as a clown. He soon discovered the underground world of punk rock clubs, discos and a thriving cultural scene within the besieged city where art and music were used as a defiant act against the war. It was this creative spirit that led Carter on a journey to draw attention to the war in Bosnia and inspire hope among its people by convincing the rock band U2 to beam the citizens of Sarajevo into their stadium concerts via satellite.

Fools Rush In is a memoir of witness that shines an indelible light on the people of Sarajevo and their deep belief in coexistence during the longest siege in modern history.
Author Bio
Bill Carter is an author, filmmaker, humanitarian activist and teacher of documentary film journalism at Northern Arizona University. He is the author of three books, including FOOLS RUSH IN: RED SUMMER and BOOM, BUST, BOOM, both critically acclaimed journalistic memoirs. He is an award winning documentary filmmaker whose own film of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War, "Miss Sarajevo" has won numerous awards and accolades, and both his memoir and the film have since led to the making of the Paramount film, KISS THE FUTURE. He and his family live near Flagstaff, Arizona.