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Asian Alleyways

An Urban Vernacular in Times of Globalization

Marie Gibert-Flutre Heide Imai Judith AUDIN Melissa Cate Christ Jiayu Ding Marie Gibert-Flutre Jefffrey Hou Heide Imai Wimonrart Issarathumnoon Hendrik Tieben

228 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Asian Alleyways: An Urban Vernacular in Times of Globalization critically explores "Global Asia" and the metropolization process, specifically from its alleyways, which are understood as ordinary neighbourhood landscapes providing the setting for everyday urban life and place-based identities being shaped by varied everyday practices, collective experiences and forces. Beyond the mainstream, standardising vision of the metropolization process, Asian Alleyways offers a nuanced overview of urban production in Asia at a time of great changes, and will be welcomed by an array of scholars, students, and all those interested in the modern transformation of Asian cities and their urban cultures.
Author Bio
Dr. Marie Gibert-Flutre is Assistant Professor of Geography in the Department of East Asia Studies (LCAO) at the University of Paris. Dr. Heide Imai is Associate Professor at Senshu University, Faculty of Intercultural Communication, Tokyo, Japan.