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Chinese Poetry and Translation

Rights and Wrongs

Maghiel van Crevel Lucas Klein Nick Admussen Joseph Rallen Tara Coleman Jacob Edmond Eleanor Goodman Wilt Idema Lucas Klein Joanna Krenz

356 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Chinese Poetry and Translation: Rights and Wrongs offers fifteen essays on the triptych of poetry + translation + Chinese. The collection has three parts: "The Translator's Take," "Theoretics," and "Impact." The conversation stretches from queer-feminist engagement with China's newest poetry to philosophical and philological reflections on its oldest, and from Tang- and Song-dynasty classical poetry in Western languages to Baudelaire and Celan in Chinese. Translation is taken as an interlingual and intercultural act, and the essays foreground theoretical expositions and the practice of translation in equal but not opposite measure. Poetry has a transforming yet ever-acute relevance in Chinese culture, and this makes it a good entry point for studying Chinese-foreign encounters. Pushing past oppositions that still too often restrict discussions of translation-form versus content, elegance versus accuracy, and "the original" versus "the translated" - this volume brings a wealth of new thinking to the interrelationships between poetry, translation, and China.
Author Bio
Maghiel van Crevel is professor of Chinese language and literature at Leiden University. A specialist of contemporary poetry, he has published a dozen books in English, Dutch, and Chinese, including scholarly monographs and edited volumes, literary translations, and language textbooks. Lucas Klein is a father, writer, and translator, as well as associate professor in the School of Chinese at the University of Hong Kong. His monograph The Organization of Distance: Poetry, Translation, Chineseness was published by Brill in 2018.