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The Discursive Construction of Southeast Asia in 19th Century Colonial-Capitalist Discourse

Farish A. Noor

304 pages
Amsterdam University Press
The nations of Southeast Asia today are rapidly integrating economically and politically, but that integration is also counterbalanced by forces ranging from hyper-nationalism to disputes over cultural ownership throughout the region. Those forces, Farish A. Noor argues in this book, have their roots in the region's failure to come to a critical understanding of how current national and cultural identities in the region came about. To remedy that, Noor offers a close account of the construction of Southeast Asia in the nineteenth century by the forces of capitalism and imperialism, and shows how that construct remains a potent aspect of political, economic, and cultural disputes today.
Author Bio
Farish A. Noor is Professor of Southeast Asian History at the Faculty of Arts, University Malaya.