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Kabbalah vol 58

314 pages
Cherub Press

Studies in English

Gerrit Bos: Neologisms and Other Difficult Terms in the Sefer ha-Zohar: Novel Interpretations IV

Studies in Hebrew

Moshe Idel: R. Isaac ben Shmuel of Acre and His Relationship to Prophetic Kabbalah and its Consequences in Scholarship

Oz Dahuky: The Homily R. Hayyim Vital Gave to R. Shlomo Sagis: A Reassessment based on the Identification Offered by R. Menahem di Lonzano

Ronen Hezi: The Vessels and the Shells in R. Joseph Ibn Tabul's Sefer ha-Derushim

Uriel Gellman: Reciting 'Pitum ha-Qetoret' to Halt a Plague: The Evolution of a Ritual

Jonatan Meir: The Adventures of R. Samuel Horowitz and his Journey to Uman

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