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Sea Smiles

32 pages
Gnome Road Publishing

When an otherwise harmless apple becomes the instrument for losing a tooth, a young girl is ready to retire her smile. That is . . . until she discovers teeth can give us all a lot to smile about.

This humorous, informative story is sure to be a hit with any kid who has lost a tooth, is about to, or just loves learning cool and fascinating facts about animals with weird teeth in the sea! Take a look inside the mouth of a Wolffish, penguin, sea krait and more. Then count up those teeth, and prepare to be surprised. One of these smiley sea animals has over 750,000 "teeth" - and it won't be the one you're expecting!

Author-illustrator Bonnie Kelso brings blasts of color, texture and fun to an adorable cast of characters who make the business of losing teeth entertaining, and yet a normal part of life. It's a perfect addition to any library, home, or dental office waiting room.

Author Bio

Bonnie Kelso writes and illustrates books for children and adults that encourage individualism and brave creative self-expression. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, she has a background in exhibit design and has worked on projects for NASA, National Geographic, and the Smithsonian Institution. Bonnie traveled all the way around the world, twice! An avid snorkeler and scuba diver, Bonnie has explored every sea or ocean she has come close to, except for the really cold ones. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and still enjoys indulging her wandering nature whenever she gets the chance. To learn more about Bonnie visit https://bonniekelso.com.