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301 Things to Write

Brooke Kunz

304 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

Not a how-to book, kids will instead find over 300 creative prompts to get them putting pencil to paper-and loving it! 

301 Things to Write makes writing fun! Write the TRUE story of Goldilocks, what happened after Cinderella got married, what you'd do if YOU were president, which superhero would win in an epic brawl, and more. Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes hilarious, each prompt is designed to secretly get kids learning to describe, persuade, or tell a good story.

Writing-even the silly kind-strengthens a child's ability to think, reason, and communicate effectively. Like every skill, practice is essential, and 301 Stories to Write makes the practice part fun! Watch spelling, capitalization, and thought improve as kids write page after page. 

301 Things to Write is part of the 301 series, which includes 301 Things to Draw, from Bushel & Peck Books. Get the creativity flowing with this delightful series of freeform exercises!