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Highland Park

Alterstudio (Masterpiece Series)

200 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc

This volume examines the Highland Park by Alterstudio Architecture. A family home built for a client with a keen interest in art and a substantial collection, and on a property without significant natural features, the design creates an extraordinary new environment as an alternative to the contemporary Tudor mansions and French chateaus that define this established Dallas neighborhood.

The book provides a detailed insight into the entire design and construction process, featuring essays by Marlon Blackwell, Robert McCarter and Carlos Jimenez, as well as lavish photography, architectural plans and details. It exposes how a series of expectations are created from the outset, with unanticipated spaces unfolding as the visitor is simultaneously drawn horizontally into the landscape and further into the house. Impeccably conceived and finished throughout, the building establishes both a tangible material presence and an abstract setting in which to enjoy the wonders of nature, art and social occasion.

Author Bio

Alterstudio Architecture, LLP of Austin, Texas is a full service architecture and design firm known for its intellect in design, inventiveness, craftsmanship, and details. The work is rooted in deep-seated virtues of architecture – generous space making, shrewd manipulation of day-lighting, and meticulous attention to detail. The heightening of direct human experience and the framing of the complex circumstances of their situations are at the core of each project. We believe that great architecture should deepen our everyday experience at the same time that it elevates our awareness of a larger, changing world.

Partners Kevin Alter, Ernesto Cragnolino and Tim Whitehill have cultivated a team of outstanding architects and designers that deliver the highest level of project management, service and design. Our approach is client and site specific as we seek to uncover the inherent spirit of place and personality. A collaborative process with clients, builders, consultants, and fabricators further encourages a specialized process and leads to individual and unexpected solutions to each project posed.