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Remapping Travel Narratives, 1000-1700

To the East and Back Again

Montserrat Piera

316 pages
Amsterdam University Press
With a specific focus on travel narratives, this collection looks at how various Islamic and eastern cultural threads weaved themselves, through travel and trading networks, into Western European/Christian visual culture and discourse and, ultimately, into the artistic explosion which has been labeled the "Renaissance."  Scholars from across humanities disciplines examine Islamic, Jewish, Spanish, Italian, and English works from a truly comparative and non-parochial perspective, to explore the transfer through travel of cultural and religious values and artistic and scientific practices, from the eleventh to the seventeenth centuries.
Author Bio
Montserrat Piera ================ Montserrat Piera is Associate Professor of Medieval Spanish at Temple University. She has published on a wide range of topics from chivalry texts to early modern women writers.