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Under the Rust Belt

Revealing Innovation in Northeast Ohio

Thomas Bacher

208 pages
University of Akron Press
Many areas of the Midwest faced economic challenges after large manufacturing industry. plants that once operated continuously cut back or went out of business completely. Northeast Ohio, with its large steel-producing factories, saw major declines in population base and tax revenues. This work looks at the postmanufacturing business climate in Northeast Ohio, whose major cities, Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown, were faced with reinventing themselves and their industrial bases. Using an interview format, the book details how entrepreneurs saw opportunities to develop services and products in the area. Their stories illuminate the process of innovation.
Author Bio
Thomas Bacher is the director of the University of Akron Press. His publishing experience includes positions as the director of Purdue University Press, the vice president of marketing and sales for M.E. Sharpe Inc., director of systems and operations for Greenwood Publishing Group, and the marketing systems manager and journals production manager for Cambridge University Press. He holds an MBA from Purdue University.