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Kabbalah Vol 43

Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Texts (volume 43)

Daniel Abrams

320 pages
Cherub Press

Studies in English

Elliot R. Wolfson: Judah ben Solomon Canpanton's Leqaḥ Ṭov: Annotated Edition and Introduction

Studies in Hebrew

Jonatan Meir: Hasidism: Unknown Lectures by Gershom Scholem from 1945

Jonathan Garb: A Study of Tal Orot by R. Yaakov Meir Spielmann

Eliezer Baumgarten: The Paths of Faith (Netivot ha-Emmuna) by Rabbi Yichye Harazi

Inbal Gur Ben Yithzak: The Construction of R. Judah the Pious as Author — A New Perspective on the Writings of the German Pietists according to a Study of Ms. Vienna 236

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