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Kabbalah Vol 40

Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Texts

Christian Wiese George Kohler Daniel Abrams

292 pages
Cherub Press


Christian Wiese and George Kohler: The Roads Not Taken – Preface by the Guest Editors

Christoph Schulte: From Luria to Wissenschaft – How the Lurianic Kabbalah Entered the Academy

Elke Morlok: Blurred Lines: Methodology and Kabbalistic Ideas Within the Berlin Haskalah

Paul Fenton: Adolphe Franck’s Contribution to the Historicocritical Study of the Kabbalah

J. H. Chajes: Romanticising Rashbi: Moses Kunitz’s Ben Yoḥai

George Y. Kohler: Heinrich Graetz and the Kabbalah

Julie Chajes: Seth Pancoast and the Kabbalah: Medical Pluralism and the Reception of Physics in Late-Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia

Wouter J. Hanegraaff: Mysteries of Sex in the House of the Hidden Light: Arthur Edward Waite and the Kabbalah

Konstantin Burmistrov: ‘Ancient Wisdom Under a Cloud of Suspicion’: Differing Conceptions of Kabbalah in Russian Thought in the Late-Nineteenth to Early-Twentieth Centuries

Gerold Necker: Ernst Müller’s Encounter with Jewish Mysticism and Gershom Scholem

Christian Wiese: Interreligious Dynamics in Leo Baeck’s Interpretation of Prophecy and Jewish Mysticism

Boaz Huss: ‘The Quest Universal’: Moses Gaster’s Interest in Kabbalah and Western Esotericism

Saverio Campanini: Den Quatsch lesen - Gershom Scholem’s Kabbalistic Library in 1923

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