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Rabbi Joseph ben Shalom Ashkenazi’s Commentary on Sefer Yesira: A Critical Edition

186 pages
Cherub Press
Ashkenazi's commentary on Sefer Yesira, a masterpiece of Jewish esotericism, received the rare endorsement of Hayyim Vital in the name of Isaac Luria, describing the magnum opus as concealed words of truth and Gershom Scholem claimed it to be one of the most important works in the history of kabbalah. The far-reaching influence of the work brings to life the erudite author's rich intellectual background with a host of multidisciplinary fields of knowledge deeply intertwined into a distinct kabbalistic trend. This volume, a critical edition of the work from manuscript, includes the marginalia from all known surviving manuscripts, including an appendix of the movable graphic inserts that can be affixed to the pages, following the tradition of the first printing of the commentary in the Mantua 1562 edition of Sefer Yesira.
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