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Roger Mitchell

84 pages
University of Akron Press
In Half/Mask, Roger Mitchell goes in search of the magic that remains when the world is stripped down to an inhospitable beauty. Many of these starkly lyrical poems explore the human and natural communities found on tundra and borrow freely from the great narrative and sculptural traditions of the Inuit and other rugged people who have learned to live intensely under challenging conditions. Whether in the High Arctic or in different places where human life . . . has a loose fit, Mitchell discovers a land rich in imagery and metaphor for describing experience at a fundamental level, out at the edge of what we can know: Alone and far away, remote, a step / or two beyond human, real being. An effort to understand and sympathetically inhabit the earth drives these poems, even in the barren isolation of their settings, and gives to Half/Mask its emotional resonance.
Author Bio
Roger Mitchell's last book, Delicate Bait, won the 2002 Akron Prize in Poetry. He is the author of eight previous books of poetry and a work of non-fiction plus numerous reviews and essays. He taught for many years in the English department at Indiana University-Bloomington and now lives in Jay, New York, with his wife, the fiction writer, Dorian Gossy.