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You Can Be Serious! Meeting Jesus afresh in John's Gospel

York Courses

28 pages
SPCK Group

‘Both vintage and fresh David Wilbourne . . . [His] gift is to enable us to see again the face of Jesus delightfully present with us through our Lent journey.’

Whatever our church denomination, we all use the same Sunday Gospel from the Revised Common Lectionary. Year A focuses on Matthew, but during the first five Sundays of Lent, four of the Gospels are curiously from John. By basing each of the five sessions in this course on the previous Sunday’s Gospel, David Wilbourne provides a brilliant connection to the preaching and teaching that has just taken place.

Serious yet full of life and humour, the course covers:

Session 1: Temptation . . .
On checking every word that comes out of the mouth of God

Session 2: Strangers in the night . . .
Nicodemus came to Jesus under cover of darkness: finding God in surprising places

Session 3: The winner takes it all
‘You worship what you do not know’: upping our game with worship

Session 4: I was blind but now I see
‘A god who can be understood is no god’

Session 5: Them bones, them bones, them dry bones, hear the word of the Lord!
Contrasting events in John with parables in the Synoptics

The course booklet is accompanied by a lively CD, in which David Wilbourne and guests from various denominational backgrounds, put forward their thoughts on the themes of the course.

This York Course is available in the following formats

Course Book (Paperback 9781915843012)
Course Book (eBook 9781915843029 both ePub and Mobi files provided)
Audio Book of Interview to support You Can Be Serious! York Course (CD 9781915843050)
Audio Book of Interview (Digital Download) 9781915843043
Transcript of interview to support You Can Be Serious! York Course (Paperback 9781915843005)
Transcript of interview (eBook 9781915843036 both ePub and Mobi files provided)
Book Pack (9781915843067 Featuring Paperback Course Book, Audio Book on CD and Paperback Transcript of Interview)
Large Print (Paperback 9781915843722)

Author Bio
David Wilbourne (Author)
DAVID WILBOURNE was Assistant Bishop of Llandaff from 2009 until 2017, and previously worked as chaplain to two Archbishops of York, John Habgood and David Hope. He is a frequent after-dinner speaker, radio and TV broadcaster, guest preacher, and retreat and conference leader. Renowned for his ability to strike a balance between the humorous and the poignant, his many books include John Habgood's biography, Just John and Shepherd of Another Flock: The Charming Tale of a New Vicar in a Yorkshire Country Town -which was hailed by the TLS as 'glorious'.