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The Supernaturals and the Miracle Dream

100 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
When Jesus lived on the earth he healed the sick, revealed things about people’s lives that only God could know, brought the dead back to life, performed amazing miracles, taught about God and gave people the chance of a new start in life. Before he returned to heaven Jesus told his followers that he would give them the power to do the same things. This power is called the Holy Spirit. Having the Holy Spirit is like having a superpower. He enables us to do things we couldn’t do naturally so that we can serve God faithfully and effectively. As you follow the adventures of The Supernaturals you’ll discover more about these superpowers. In "The Supernaturals and the Miracle Dream" by Andy Robb, readers are transported into the lives of Teji and her extraordinary friends, known as The Supernaturals. Teji has a unique ability to receive messages from God through her dreams, and her latest dream sets off a chain of events that will challenge their faith and change lives. When Teji awakens from a vivid dream in which she heals a woman's leg, she's determined to understand its significance. With her friends by her side, each possessing their own special powers, they embark on a journey guided by faith and divine intervention. As they navigate their way through everyday challenges and encounters, Teji and The Supernaturals learn that being a follower of Jesus isn't just about attending church—it's about demonstrating God's love through action. Their adventure takes them from the comfort of their skatepark hangout to the bustling shopping mall, where they encounter the very person from Teji's dream—a homeless woman in need of healing. With wisdom and discernment, The Supernaturals follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, trusting in God's plan even when faced with uncertainty. Through prayer and acts of kindness, they witness firsthand the power of God's love to transform lives and bring hope to the brokenhearted. 'The Supernaturals and the Miracle Dream' is a heartwarming tale of friendship, faith, and the supernatural, reminding readers that miracles can happen when we least expect them. Join Teji and her friends on an unforgettable journey of discovery, where dreams become reality and God's love knows no bounds.
Author Bio
Andy Robb =========

Andy Robb is the author of over 60 children’s books including many well-know series such as; The Boring Bible series, The 50 series, Professor Bumblebrain, Amazing Agents of God and Walk Through the Bible. He is also of the God Files used in the God Files NIV Bible.