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Why Can't I See God?

36 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Join Eve and Paul as they discover things in nature that are both real and invisible and how they can believe that God is also real and invisible. Join their friends - the Ox, Dove, Sheep, Eagle and Lion - as they open the Bible and read Hebrews 11:6 to learn what that verse means about faith and how they can pray to invisible God and ask for faith to believe God is real. Finally, use the 'Your Turn' pages at the back to talk to your child about God, pray a prayer and practice a memory verse. A gentle introduction to faith, ideal as a resource for outreach and for parents and grown-ups to connect with their curious children about faith and ask together 'Why Is God Invisible?'
Author Bio
Joanne Gilchrist ================

Joanne Gilchrist is creator of the Christian app ‘God for Kids’ and author of Looking for Love. She has a Graduate Certificate in Theology, Ministry and Mission, worked for five years with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). She is married with three daughters.