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Goodbye Jessica

A Father's Journey Through Grief

Danny Smith

272 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
For Danny Smith, the shock of losing his beloved daughter Jessica was like an earthquake in his heart and life. She was just 22 years old. He took a journey into the past to pay tribute to Jessica. This book was written to tell people of her adventures and achievements, her struggles, and her pain – her life. To tell all who pass this way what an amazing person she was, how he loved her, and how he misses her. Goodbye Jessica is the raw authentic voice of a father’s grief. But it also speaks to the discovery of healing and the relevance of faith, after a heartbreak that will never mend.
Author Bio
Danny Smith ===========

Danny Smith and his wife Joan live in Surrey, England. They have three children: Rachel, Luke and Jessica (who passed away in 2007), and three grandchildren: Lily, Seth and Eden. 

Danny, an Anglo-Indian, is co-founder, with Lord Alton, of Jubilee Campaign, a human rights charity, with UN consultative status.

He worked with Billy Connolly to launch Tickety-Boo Tea, a charity project, and helped to establish the Romanian Angel Appeal, a charity he served as trustee.