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Living the Himpossible Life

A Collection of Spiritual Insights

Barrie Down Holly Down

204 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
There are not many works today where the authors have taken the words and thoughts of the mind of God given to them in ‘’too many to count” times of prayer, meditation and worship, and set them in such a clear, simple and wondrously delicious form. These words have been such a blessing to the authors over several years and have given us insight into the ways and purposes of the Lord in so many circumstances of our life. To this end we share them with you, the reader, that you may receive something for your life which will bless you and help you through difficult places. This life that often seems impossible is always possible when it’s IN HIM.
Author Bio
Barrie Down =========== Barrie Down has a broad experience gained through three separate careers. The first in the field of Science and Technology after attending the University of London (UK). The second as a Pastor after attending Eastern Pentecostal Bible College (Canada). The third as a published author and model-maker in the field of automotive history. He is the author of 'A Christian God without Religion'. Holly Down ========== Holly Down has a Master’s Degree in Art History but chose to raise their children as a stay-at-home mother prior to involvement with her husband Barrie, in church work. A more detailed account of their spiritual walk can be found in Barrie’s earlier book 'A Christian God without Religion'.