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Encountering the God Who Heals

Understanding,Encountering and Ministering the Presence of Jesus

John Ryeland

176 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Encountering the God who Heals shows how healing ministry is so closely linked to finding the presence of God and seeing what can flow from him. The author contends that the focus of healing is really all about meeting with Jesus. This is therefore also a book about prayer and intimacy with God in which we can all share, and through that find the healing Jesus we long to meet. The book is divided into three parts. The first part looks at the sheer wonder of who we are. Without that realisation, we may find it hard to understand why God would ever touch someone like us. The second part explains what ‘encounter prayer’ is, and encourages us all to enter into it for ourselves. The final part looks at how we can pray for others. Throughout the book John shares life-changing testimonies, sound teaching and clear practical suggestions for encountering God. This is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to find more of God’s love for individuals seeking healing and those praying for others.
Author Bio
The Reverend John Ryeland has been actively involved in the healing ministry for many years and is the director of the Christian Healing Mission. Although rooted in the Church of England, the mission works with people of all denominations, seeking to bring people into the presence of Jesus so they can find the healing that flows from Him.