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Barking Dogs

Stopping at Nothing to Reach Your Destiny

Andy Rushworth

136 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Have you been hurt in Church? Have you had a broken marriage? Been bankrupt? Struggle with your self image or depression? Are you struggling with being single? Or simply made too many mistakes? All these 'Barking Dogs' can stop us giving away freely the great love that we have received. If the postman stopped at every barking dog, then the mail would never get delivered. As Christians we believe we carry the greatest message the world has ever been given … the Gospel! God has given his letter, his gift to every Christian but we so often let the barking dogs of our lives stop us delivering them. Barking Dogs is full of Andy Rushworth's experiences in trying to take the Gospel into the places where it is desperately needed yet hardest to find. His hope is that you too will be encouraged and inspired to take the Gospel into these dark places, into the ordinary places and be amazed at what God can do through you.
Author Bio
Andy Rushworth ============== Andy Rushworth served on staff in an AOG Church in South Carolina for a couple of years but now lives in Sheffield. Currently he is part of the staff team at St Thomas Church, Sheffield (STC) where he teaches at the STC College and runs a ministry called ‘Make Your City Shine’, - an arts based ministry to secondary schools where they use the gospel to raise young people’s aspirations for life.