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An examination of the doctrine of repentance from a scriptural perspective.

43 pages
No Greater Joy Ministries
When the Bible warns a sinner to repent, what is the nature of repentance? Michael Pearl examines all 112 uses of “repent” in the KJV. Designed to put hearts at rest in Christ and correct error. Why another book on repentance? Aren't there enough differences on the subject? Obviously, I think I have something to say that has not been said before- or not been said enough. It is most commonly thought that repentance is a separate work of God that must precede faith- the first rung on ladder to God. The fundamental question is," When the Bible warns the sinner to repent or perish, what is the nature of that repentance?" When a gospel tract or an evangelist tells the sinner he must repent of his sins in order to be saved, precisely what is required? We agree it is a critical issue. To fail to do what God requires will result in eternal damnation. They wonder if they " did it right." I am convinced that some did and some didn't. This work is designed to put hearts to rest in Christ and to correct error. Perfect paperback. 43 pages.
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Michael Pearl is the award-winning author of the Good and Evil graphic novel (Independent Book Publisher's 2009 Bronze Medal Winner) and the bestselling Created to Need a Help Meet (Amazon best seller). Individually and together, he and his wife Debi have authored and published over thirty titles that have been translated into more than thirty-five languages and combined sales of more than 1.5 million copies. He is the founder and CEO of No Greater Joy Ministries (NGJ), a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit that publishes evangelism, marriage/family relations, child training materials, and the bi-monthly No Greater Joy magazine. The Pearls have been married since 1971, and have five children and twenty grandchildren.