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Magic Animal Cafe: Herriot the Caretaker Mouse (US)

Stella Tarakson Fabiana Attanasio

128 pages
Sweet Cherry Publishing Llc

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could talk to animals?

Book 1 in the Magic Animal Cafe series - from the bestselling author of Hopeless Heroes!

Ellie and her mom are starting a new life in a new town and a very, very old building. They’re opening a cat café, but there’s a lot to do first – like welcoming the Andersons.

Ellie doesn’t want to share her home with strangers, especially Blake and his energetic puppy, Choccy. But when Ellie and Blake discover a magical old phone and a mouse determined to get rid of them, they’ll have to find a way to all get along together.

About the Magical Animal Cafe series:
Join Ellie and Blake as they start new lives in a new town and a mysterious old building. They've only just met, but already they share a magical secret: they can talk to animals! That could prove useful with Ellie's mom opening a cat café, but the café is under threat from a greedy property developer – unless Ellie and Blake can stop him.

With engaging illustrations and quirky talking animals, Magic Animal Café is perfect for animal lovers and young readers aged 7+.

Author Bio

Stella graduated with a law degree, but writing was always her passion. Before long, she left her ‘sensible’ job and plunged into the world of publishing. She has now written over 30 books. As the daughter of Greek immigrants, Stella was steeped in Greek mythology, and she uses her love of Greece in her Hopeless Heroes books. Stella currently lives in Syndey, Australia, where the wildlife and culture inspired her Magic Animal Cafe series.