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Danny Dingle's Fantastic Finds: The Magnificent Mind Melter

Angie Lake

240 pages
Sweet Cherry Publishing Llc

Book 6 of the laugh-out-loud invention series where science meets superheroes!
Printed with fun coloured sprayed edges and a must-read for fans of Wimpy Kid!

Danny Dingle, Super Genius Inventor, has returned, and this time – it’s serious!

After an awful parents’ evening, Danny and Percy’s friendship is on the rocks. Thanks to Mr. Hammond spilling the beans about their couscous-projecting particle accelerator, they’ve been grounded until they’re twenty-one! And what’s more, they’ve got to compete against each other in the school’s first ever parent-child sports day.
Surely things can’t get any worse … can they?

About the Danny Dingle series:
Follow the outrageously entertaining adventures in the Danny Dingle series, as the schoolboy inventor and his best friend Percy collect cool stuff for their box of fantastic finds - and pull out all the stops to beat the evil genius Gareth Trumpshaw. Filled with comical line drawings and crazy typesetting, children will love the visual focus of this book, perfect for reluctant readers. The jam-packed illustrations and hilarious story will keep them laughing-out-loud for hours. All titles are also leveled for classroom use, including GRLs.

Author Bio

Angie Lake is a freelance writer with a background in the Spanish music industry. She has worked on a variety of projects, including writing and reviewing for press publication, translation and authoring works of fiction.

Born in the UK and raised on the Spanish Costa Blanca, Angie travelled extensively before settling in Spain to study Psychology and began her writing career in the Spanish national music press.

Angie joined Sweet Cherry in 2012, having co-authored The Diaries of Robin’s Toys and The Diaries of Robin’s Travels with her father, Ken. She has since penned solo comedy series, Danny Dingle’s Fantastic Finds and Mina Mistry Investigates.

Angie currently lives in Spain, covering concerts and other cultural events in the summer months.