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C Programming

227 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The objective of the book "C Programming" is to provide a comprehensive and practical guide for beginners and experienced programmers alike in mastering the fundamental concepts and techniques of the C programming language. Through a systematic approach, this book aims to equip readers with a solid foundation in C programming, enabling them to write efficient, reliable, and maintainable code. It covers everything from basic syntax and data types to advanced topics such as memory management, file handling, and data structures. The book focuses on practical implementation, offering numerous examples and exercises to reinforce understanding and encourage hands-on learning. It emphasizes the importance of problem-solving and logical thinking, teaching readers how to break down complex problems into smaller, manageable tasks.
Author Bio
Dr. Manmohan Singh, working as Professor in Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IES College of Technology Bhopal India M.P. Prior to that he has more than 12+ years of teaching experience in several engineering colleges as Chameli Devi Group of Institution, Indore and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University, he completed His academic qualifications include Master in Computers engineering, Ph.D. in Computer Science and engineering. His research includes Data Mining, AI, Data Science He is having 25 + research publications in reputed International journal, International- National conferences and 9 - patents (5 published- 4 Registered). He is publishing more than 10+book is field of computer science. He is completed one DST sponsor project.