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Introduction to Travel and Tourism

261 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Travel and tourism is a dynamic industry that allows people to explore new places, cultures, and experiences. This book provides an overview of the travel and tourism industry. It covers the history, development, and impact of tourism, as well as the various segments of the industry, such as transportation, lodging, attractions, and events. The book also discusses the key trends and issues affecting the industry, such as sustainability, globalization, and technology. It provides practical insights and real-world examples to help readers understand the business of travel and tourism. The book is written for students, professionals, and anyone interested in learning about the travel and tourism industry.
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Israel is an expert on hotelier activity, with an experience of more than 10 years in hotel Marketing, Sales, and Management. Passionate about tourism investigation. Currently Regional Sales Manager of nine group hotels in Florida. Expert in the development of marketing strategies to make a business profitable based on an efficient investigation. Make research about the expats living in Cuenca Ecuador and the features of this type of tourism. Expert Marketing Research Skills for tourism products and destinations. Tourism degree from the University of Cuenca and a Masters's Degree in Marketing from one of the most valuable universities in Ecuador, ESPOL.