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The principles of curriculum development

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In today's knowledge economy, curriculum development plays a vital role in improving the economy of a country. The requirements of a curriculum may stipulate the presence of an instructor or facilitator that is highly qualified and experienced so that they can help to deliver the content of the curriculum. This book is intended to explore the conceptualization and operationalization of curriculum development in contemporary educational settings. The book will highlight the different typologies of curricula that are referenced today. We consider the importance of curricula in the development and prioritization of school-based activities. Moreover, this book contextualizes curriculum development in a global village where there is an increased demand for participation and inclusiveness.
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Aimee Concepcion C. Chavez is a Licensed Professional Teacher. She is an Associate Professor at Laguna State Polytechnic University, Philippines and the Chairperson of Extension and Training Services of LSPU Siniloan Campus. She handles General Science and Physical Science subjects, Professional Education subjects and Methods of Research in both the undergraduate and graduate programs of the College of Teacher Education. She finished Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Master of Arts in Teaching major in Science and Technology and have completed the academic requirements of the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Education major in Educational Leadership and Management. She is an Associate Member of the National Research Council of the Philippines and believes that in contributing to the body of knowledge, quality of life will be improved.