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Concurrent, parallel and distributed computing

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The book "Concurrent, Parallel, and Distributed Computing" offers an excellent overview of the various areas of the computing field. There is a lot of overlap between the words "concurrent computing," "parallel computing," and "distributed computing," and there is no obvious differentiation between them. The same system can be described as "parallel" and "distributed"; in a typical distributed system, the processors run concurrently in parallel.The content in the book is presented in such a way that even a reader with no prior knowledge of computers may understand it and become acquainted with the fundamental concepts of computing. It offers numerous small examples, demonstration materials, and sample exercises that teachers can use to teach parallel programming principles to students who have just recently been introduced to basic programming concepts. It focuses on Python multiprocessing features like fork/join threading, message passing, sharing resources between threads, and using locks. Parallelism's utility can be seen in applications like searching, sorting, and simulations. Students and researchers can get an accessible and comprehensive explanation of the concepts, guidelines, and, in particular, the complex instrumentation techniques used in computing.
Author Bio
Adele Kuzmiakova is a machine learning engineer focusing on solving problems in machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision. Adele currently works as a senior machine learning engineer at Ifolor focusing on creating engaging photo stories and products. Adele attended Cornell University in New York, United States for her undergraduate studies. She studied engineering with a focus on applied math. Some of the deep learning problems Adele worked on include predicting air quality from public webcams, developing a real-time human movement tracking, and using 3D computer vision to create 3D avatars from selfies in order to bring online clothes shopping closer to reality. She is also passionate about exchanging ideas and inspiring other people and acted as a workshop organizer at Women in Data Science conference in Geneva, Switzerland.