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Concepts in Quantum Physics: Standard Interpretation and New Debates

Nelson Bolivar

240 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The book addresses fundamental conceptions in quantum mechanics. Its point of view goes from the classical to the quantum and back, taking the reader into a constant reviewing of the formulations, interpretations, and common misinterpretations in quantum physics. It has a good emphasis in the experimental grounds of the origins of quantum physics. The ontological and epistemological discussion related to quantum mechanics interpretations follow some of the recent approaches, giving a fresh review of the current state in the field.
Author Bio
Nelson Bolivar is currently a Physics Professor in the Physics Department at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, where he has been teaching since 2007. His interests include quantum field theory applied in condensed matter. He obtained his PhD in physics from the Universite de Lorraine (France) in 2014 in a joint PhD with the Universidad Central de Venezuela. His BSc in physics is from the Universidad Central de Venezuela.