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Logic and Critical thinking

Scott Stanley

Arcler Education Inc
Current corporate world and even the business and entrepreneurial domains require a person to think a situation in the most logical way and to analyze a given problem in through their critical thinking abilities. The aptitude of a person to think through a problem in a logical and critical manner makes them eligible for the positions in higher management and decision-making positions. The book ‘Logic and Critical Thinking’ illustrates the importance of such an aptitude skill in the current times and aims to train the readers on these skills so that their minds can be given the much desired push towards such thinking.
Author Bio
Scott Stanley is a Financial Planning and Analysis Executive with over 30 years of experience working for industry leading global Financial Organizations in a financial management capacity. He is a subject matter expert in organizational and operational financial analysis, business management, forecasting and management reporting for Fortune 100 firms. He has a proven track record of increasing profitability, managing costs and development and implementation of strategic plans and operational budgets. Scott is skilled at leading project teams and cross divisional initiatives by advocating collaboration and teamwork. His strengths include excellent organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills. Having worked on Wall Street for most of his career, Scott has proven leadership skills and an ability to drive results in fast paced, deadline driven environments. Scott was an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, where he worked for 13 years in various Financial Management and Business Management capacities. Prior to that, Scott worked at JPMorgan Chase for 8 years. Other financial firms round out his portfolio of work experience. In 2016 Scott founded J2 Financial Solutions Group, LLC. J2 provides comprehensive financial consulting services across an array of financial planning and analysis disciplines. Scott obtained his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Gettysburg College and his MBA from Drexel University.