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New International Law Frameworks: Systems, organization and outcomes

Marko Nikolic´

Arcler Education Inc
The book ‘New International Law Frameworks: Systems, organization and outcomes’ covers the various frameworks corresponding to international laws that a reader must have a basic introduction to and understanding of. There have been various causes and impacts of the formation of such laws, and they have been discussed in the book. The book also informs the readers about the various organizations that are involved in the law making and executing processes.
Author Bio
Marko obtained his Master’s degree from University of Belgrade - Faculty of Law in 2014. He specialized in Criminal Law, Family Law and Environmental Law. He spent his Master year studying about international child abduction. He was employed in Ministry of Defense’s Legal Department and was also working as a legal secretary in numerous educational institutions. His freelance engagements are including more than 30 long-term clients. In addition to professional literature, he published a novel on the subject of history and mythology.