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Evaluation and Library Decision Making

John McClain

247 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Evaluation and Library Decision Making informs the readers about the various decision-making processes in the evaluation of library and based on the results based on it. The readers are also informed about the techniques for library evaluation and the technologies related to library management. It provides the readers with the important insights on the decision-making process in libraries in order to manage them effectively depending n their evaluation. This book also discusses about The meaning of library decision making, The concept of library management, The meaning of evaluation process, The practical techniques for evaluation of the libraries and Effects of decision-making process on the performance of libraries.
Author Bio
Joe McClain is a professional author and editor with Masters in Library and Information Science from The University of Toronto. He has worked with TLAC Toronto printing where he was assigned Proofreading and Editing tasks. Joe is also a member of Canadian Association of Research Libraries; the voice of Canada’s Research Libraries. He writes and lives in Toronto, CA with his wife, Lorraine.