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Contemporary Environmental Issues

Judith Rosales

220 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Contemporary Environmental Issues explains the readers the meaning of environment and the various issues concerning it in the contemporary world. It talks about the role of pollution in being a major problem from the perspective of the environment. The book also discusses the process and impact of global warming on the environment and the role of population growth in impacting it. Also discussed in the book is relation of human health to the environmental issues, the use of energy and its relation with the environment, the science related to soil and the process of saving the future by saving the environment, so that the readers take the issue of environmental problems seriously.
Author Bio
Prof. Judith is an Ecologist and Environmental Specialist with more than 30 years of academic and consulting experience. She holds a PhD in geography from the University of Birmingham UK and wrote the PhD and Master Academic Programs of Environmental Sciences for the Universidad de Guayana, Venezuela.