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Proteomics in Food Science

Abeer Iqbal

276 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Proteomics in Food Science gives the readers an introduction to the proteomics and the related studies and provides the readers with an explanation of the concepts and techniques that are used in proteomics. The book talks about the relation of proteomics with plant food sources and the animal food sources. The book relates proteomics to aquaculture in detail and further talks about the various technologies employed in the food processing. Also discussed in the book is the perspective on safety of food and its relation to proteomics, the systems biology in nutrition research, the application of proteomics in food science and technology and the prospects of proteomics in the future.
Author Bio
Abeer Iqbal is pursuing her PhD in Biological Sciences from University of The Punjab in Pakistan. She is also MPhil in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from University of The Punjab, Pakistan. She is passionate about writing and research related to Biological Sciences. She has been working as an academic writer and medical blogger for the past few years and enjoy every part of her job, She feels that Genetics and Biochemistry are the real essence of life and learning and unraveling new researches in these areas is really amazing !!